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Does it seem like whenever you go hunting for turkey there tends to be more windy, rainy days than sunny and clear days? You kind where there is little wind, the sun is bright and shinning, good pressure – also known as a perfect big game hunting day. These kinds of days seem to make the 4:00 AM wake up a little bit easier. Unfortunately, these days don’t come all that often. With spring weather, it is hard to predict the weather because it changes so often.  But if there is one thing for sure, you better be prepared to hunt turkeys in all kinds of weather.

Light rain / wind

Turkeys don’t react a whole lot to a light rain or wind. Their habits tend to remain the same and will continue on with their usual ways.

Mid to heavy rain

When it starts to downpour, probably just like you, turkeys tend to head for shelter. Even right before the storm hits, turkeys will hide since they tend to feel the barometric pressure drop. This is something you have to keep an eye out for. Once it starts raining and the brush and grass gets wet, turkeys tend to visit fields, meadows, and other large open pastures. The reason they head to these places is so that their feathers don’t soak up too much water. Its easier for them to dry off this way. The only problem is that they won’t gobble as much, so be sure to use your optics and hunting gear to track them down.


When it gets windy, turkeys tend to not change their habits much. They still need to eat, breed, and whatever else they do. But, when the wind really gets blowing, you will likely find them hiding in a place that gives some type of wind coverage. Try to look for gullies or drainage because they might use those as wind protection.

Enjoy the hunting season and may the weather shine in your favor. Check out hunting forums for hunting tips and tricks.